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Welcome on our web page. The Join Research Unit "Physiology of the Nutritional Adaptation" was created in 2006 to study perinatal denutrition.

Carla Mezo

11 September 2023

Redaction: UMR 1280 PhAN

Alterations in the tryptophan metabolism induced by obesity as potential risk factors of memory and learning deficits in adulthood

The objective of my thesis project is to prove that the chronic inflammatory state derived by obesity can induce alterations in the central tryptophan metabolism, causing the development of cognitive impairment in adulthood.
Moderate high caloric maternal diet impacts dam breast milk metabotype and offspring lipidome.
Lactation is a critical period during which maternal sub- or over-nutrition affect milk composition and offspring development that can have lasting health effects. The consequences of moderate high-fat, high-simple carbohydrate diet (WD) consumption by rat dams, during gestation and lactation, on milk composition and offspring blood lipidome and its growth, at weaning, were investigated by using a comprehensive metabolomics/lipidomic study on mass-spectrometric platform combined to targeted fatty- and free amino-acids analysis.

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